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Tim Morehouse 


Tim’s life has been spent in the pursuit of achieving breakthrough moments for himself and others.

If people are saying it can’t be done, Tim is one of the people proving that it can be.

In the sport of fencing, it is hard to fine anyone that has done more to elevate the sport and translate its benefits to others. Since helping his team win a historic Silver medal at the Beijing Games, the first medal since 1948 and highest result in USA men’s fencing history, Tim has been building a legacy of breakthrough moments while helping others through fencing.

Prior to Tim’s efforts, fencing was a sport with little or no national media attention, sponsorship or presence in the mainstream media.  Through applying the fencing lessons he learned going from an underdog 7th grade social studies teacher to the Olympic podium, Tim has starred in television commercials with Serena Williams, taught President Obama to fence on the White House lawn, starred in fashion campaigns for Sean John, published books, produced televised fencing shows and worked with countless corporations to achieve their own breakthrough moments.

Tim has done all of this while leading with a mission to help others. Honored by the White House as a Champion For Change, By the Global Sports Foundation as an Athlete in Excellence and named one of America’s Top 50 Philanthropists, Tim is a Goodwill Ambassador for the Special Olympics, An athlete ambassador for Right To Play and he is the founder of Fencing In The Schools, a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing lives through the sport of fencing in low-income communities.

Find out how Tim can help you breakthrough!