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The Fundamentals of Success: Two Principles I Follow Every Day.

Turn Setbacks Into Victories and Make the Most of Every Situation!

I’m writing from Nashville, Tennessee where a one-day trip to speak at the Chase “National Achievers Conference” has turned into a three day trip thanks to the snow storm that hit NYC! 

The unexpected (and initially unwelcome!) time being stuck here has given me the chance to reflect on the past few years and to write which I haven’t been able to do in...a long time! 

I’ve been thinking a lot about creating my next book and where to begin. As I’ve now transitioned  from full-time athlete to full-time “entrepreneur” (hate that word!) I’ve had the chance to put the lessons I’ve being sharing with businesses from my Olympic career to the test in my own business adventures! 

There are so many similarities, parallels and also definitely many new lessons learned building and running my fencing club(s) , Tim Morehouse Fencing Club, and my foundation, Fencing In The Schools

So here goes...

One of the things I did as an athlete was to try to turn every situation into a “Victory” and a few of the principles that have helped me do that: 

There is no such thing as a ‘real loss' if l learn something! 

And another...

Make the most out of every situation even the unexpected ones!

Yes, I certainly have “losses” and “setbacks” In my life like anyone else (and maybe more considering the scope of the challenges I try to tackle), but I view these all as just short-term or small because I choose to define the biggest victories in my life by my ability to learn from difficult situations and then apply them moving forward. I feel the only real “losses” in life are when yo give up or when you don’t learn.

Which brings me back to this trip and making the most out of these two unexpected days in Nashville. After I got over my frustration of being stuck I asked myself, “what are the opportunities presented here?” 

Suddenly,  the curtain of frustration lifted to unveil what was around me:  Opportunities!

One, was to spend more time growing my relationship with Chase who so incredibly cast me in a national TV commercial in 2016 as one of their Chase Masters along with Serena Williams, Stephen Curry, The Rockettes and others!  (Very surreal!) 

 Speaking on stage at the Grand Old Opry to Chase’s Top-100 Sales Staff Members at their high-achievers Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Speaking on stage at the Grand Old Opry to Chase’s Top-100 Sales Staff Members at their high-achievers Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Second, was the chance to sit in on training sessions and learn from one of the biggest and most successful companies in the world about how they train their staff members. What an invaluable experience it has been and to be able to bring that back to my own companies and staff. 

Final opportunity for me, to actually pause and think about things and to even sit down and write this post!  

So hopefully more to come and hopefully I will have a #TurnTheLightOn Moment for my next book!  -Tim

PS Don’t get me wrong...I’m very happy to also be flying home shortly to my wife and babies! (Miss the so much!!!!)